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We need your help to keep telehealth services going for everyone

At the onset and peak of COVID-19, telehealth became one of the main ways patients, their families and care partners connected with doctors, nurses, and other important members of their health care team. Telehealth made it easier for patients to be seen, it was covered by Medicare and Medicaid and most medical insurance and most importantly---patients could receive quality, convenient care in the middle of a pandemic.

Through the pandemic, we learned with telehealth:

  • More people can get the care they need no matter how far they live from a doctor’s office or hospital.
  • Fewer people have to take off from work, find child care or elder care or ask someone to drive them to their appointments.
  • Patients can stay in their home and avoid an Urgent Care or Emergency Room visit while managing a chronic disease or illness.

Telehealth means that healthcare providers can address patient needs at home using phones, computers and other technology. Unfortunately, the laws that made telehealth services available to so many people over the past few years will end soon. We need to protect and preserve everyone’s rights to telehealth by making telehealth access permanent for all. These policy changes will ensure equitable and easy access to a broad scope of telehealth services for patients and care partners, as well as adequate permanent payment by all payors.

The following are the pieces of legislation that will effect telehealth. Contact your legislators to co-sponsor and/or support:

  • CONNECT for Health Act (S.1512/H.R. 2903)
  • Telehealth Modernization Act (S.368/H.R. 1332)
  • TREAT Act (S. 168/H.R. 708)

*The above information was provided by The Patient Experience Policy Forum who advocates for and helps shape policy at the national and local levels on issues that directly affect patient, family and care partners experience and elevate the human experience in healthcare

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